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"Hacia donde Olmedo miraba", Adrián Balseca, Ricardo Coello Gilbert, José Hidalgo-Anastacio,
Rosa Jijón, Fabiano Kueva, Óscar Santillán, Karina Skvirsky. Curator: Pily Estrada
April 1st to May 19th, 2017

1. The Municipal Council of the city of Guayaquil commissioned a monument in honor of Jose Joaquin de Olmedo * for the centenary of his birth. The so-called "Olmedo Committee" entrusted to the French sculptor Jean Alexandre Falguière the execution of the project.
2. The monument was inaugurated on the 72nd anniversary of the Independence of Guayaquil, on 9 October 1892, at the intersections of the avenues Zaraguro (nowadays Calle Olmedo) and Eloy Alfaro.
3. Almost two decades ago, in order to inaugurate the emblematic project of the urbanization in Guayaquil, the monument was transferred to the Olmedo street and Malecon Simón Bolí...

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